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What to do when Septic-Field Alert Monitor goes off? What does this usually mean, and should I be worried?

Don't panic! The Septic-Field Alert Monitor™(SAM™) warn you when the water level in the leach field rising more than it should. The Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ detects the high water condition in your septic field only, and it alerts you. What that means is that the water is not draining through the stone and sand in your septic field.

This does not necessarily mean your septic field is failing. It could simply be that you are;

  1. Living in an area where there’s a high water table; or
  2. Excess water is being diverted to the top of the septic field

Either one of the above conditions can cause saturation and prevent your septic field from functioning properly and as designed. You must identify if you have one of the above conditions before you spend any money on hiring a professional or try to resolve the issue yourself.

There's not much that can be done about a high water table condition other than possibly having a drain system built around portion of the property and installing pits to alleviate some of the water table issue. High water table conditions may or may not be year round but knowing when the condition exists can help with managing the issue and prevent damage to your property and keep the sewage from backing up into your business or residence.  

Excess rain water or maybe even nearby property being at a higher elevation than yours could also cause your septic field to saturate during certain times of year or conditions. This condition is easier to manage than a high water table condition and it could be as easy as contacting a local civil engineer or septic contractor. They can evaluate the area and recommend an appropriate solution.




How can I purchase a Septic Field Alarm Monitor™?

Our products are currently only available directly from our website. We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Simply order a Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ online and in the unlikely event that you are not impressed, just contact us to arrange a return and refund.

What measuring units are available with Septic-Field Alert Monitor™?

The Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ App has 2 modes for measuring units. This makes it easy to display measurements in Imperial or Metric units.

How accurate is the Septic Field Alarm Monitor™?

99.75% when used in a straight line measurement, for example +/- 1/16 inch for up to 12ft length.

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