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Non-Technical Glossary of Septic System Terms

  1. As-built or record drawing: A map available from the county that has the approximate location of permitted septic tanks and drain-field for your property.
  2. Baffle: A short piece of vertical pipe attached to the inlets and outlets of the septic tank that prevents most solids from exiting. 
  3. Baffle Filter: A plastic filter placed in the outlet side of the septic tank that prevents small particles from entering the pump tank or drain-field.
  4. Center Baffle: A baffle and pipe inside septic tanks that have multiple chambers which allows fluids to pass from compartment to compartment.
  5. Distribution box (D-Box): A concrete or plastic box with a single inlet pipe and multiple outlet pipes that allows effluent (clear fluids) to be distributed evenly into different pipes in the conventional gravity drain-field.
  6. Drain-field/septic-field/leach-field: A series of pipes in trenches which disperses wastewater into the surrounding soil for further treatment before it reaches the groundwater or a restrictive layer (such as hard pan or clay soil).
  7. Effluent: The fluid that exits a septic tank, ideally clear fluids.
  8. Float: A device that floats inside a pump tank and activates the pump via a timer or when the water level rises.
  9. Gravity System: A septic system where effluent flows by gravity from the septic tank into the drain-field.  Some gravity systems use a distribution box to distribute the effluent evenly to the drain-field trenches.
  10. Inlet: The pipe coming from the home into the septic tank.
  11. Inlet baffle: A pipe or plastic tee which is connected to the inlet pipe in the septic tank. The inlet baffle slows wastewater as it enters the tank and discharges sewage into the tank at the mid-point allowing solids to begin to settle out. 
  12. Mound System: An above-ground type of septic system which uses sand to pre-treat wastewater before discharging to the native soil.
  13. On-site septic system: A septic tank and drain-field system for wastewater treatment located on properties not connected to a municipal sewer system.
  14. Outlet: The pipe that allows fluid to exit a tank.
  15. Outlet Baffle: A pipe or plastic tee connected to the outlet pipe in a septic tank that prevents waste solids from entering the pump tank and drain-field.
  16. Professional: Companies or individuals that are licensed by counties and perform necessary repairs, maintenance or pumping of septic systems. 
  17. Pressure System: A septic system that uses a pump to distribute effluent evenly throughout the drain-field.
  18. Pumping: Professional service that pumps excess solids from the septic tank.
  19. Pump Alarm: A light and/or buzzer that warns when there is a problem in the pump tank, such as a person is using too much water, there is ground water intrusion or the pump is not operating properly.  The alarm is activated by a float or a transducer (clear tube) in the pump tank.
  20. Pump Tank: A secondary septic tank that houses an electric pump for pressurized septic systems.  Sometimes needed for systems where the drain-field is uphill from the septic tank.
  21. Riser: An extension that rises above a septic tank lid to allow easier access.
  22. Sand filter: A pre-treatment component that is either in ground or above ground which consists of a constructed box containing a series of distribution pipes over a mix of sand and gravel. The sand filter treats the wastewater and sends treated wastewater via a pump tank to a drain-field.
  23. Scum: The layer of solid material that floats to the top of the wastewater in a septic tank.
  24. Scum Stick: An L-shaped stick used to measure the depth of the floating scum layer in a septic tank.
  25. Septic Tank: An underground wastewater collection tank that allows solids to separate from wastewater so clear liquids can pass into a drain-field.
  26. Sewage: Untreated wastewater
  27. Sludge: The layer of solids that has sunk to the bottom of the septic tank.
  28. Sludge Stick: A long stick or pipe with 3 feet of Velcro tape at the bottom, used to measure the depth of sludge solids in the bottom of a septic tank.
  29. Solids: Particles that separate from wastewater in a septic tank and either sink or float.
  30. Wastewater: Any fluids and that drain from the house into the septic tank.

How can I purchase a Septic Field Alarm Monitor™?

Our products are currently only available directly from our website. We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Simply order a Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ online and in the unlikely event that you are not impressed, just contact us to arrange a return and refund.

What measuring units are available with Septic-Field Alert Monitor™?

The Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ App has 2 modes for measuring units. This makes it easy to display measurements in Imperial or Metric units.

How accurate is the Septic Field Alarm Monitor™?

99.75% when used in a straight line measurement, for example +/- 1/16 inch for up to 12ft length.

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