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Your Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ needs to be setup for your local WI-FI and calibrated, first. After the WI-FI setup and calibration was successfully completed (as per Instructions documentation), your module is ready to work.

The Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ is water resistant and rated for an operating temperature between -13 degrees Fahrenheit and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. We've designed it to withstand snowy winters, hot summers and rain so don't worry about leaving it installed at your inspection port with the cap on exposed to the elements. NOTE: Snow cover does impede WI-FI signal however, please check during winter that the inspection port is free of snow for best performance.

Yes, the Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ is tested, calibrated and shipped with the batteries already installed.

The batteries life should be anywhere between 5 months and 20 months. The life of the batteries is dependent of how many readings the module takes each day and the local WI-FI signal strength and quality.

Every day, your Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ is set by default to take a reading at 8:00 AM and send it to the app. You can setup 3 more additional readings. NOTE: The less readings a day the more battery life, therefore longer uninterrupted service until next battery change cycle. Your Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ has a built in laser unit that emits a laser beam in the floater that is in the inspection port, now the module learned how much liquid is inside. The Septic Alert Monitor does all the calculations to provide a value for the liquid level in the inspection port that is sent to our servers and is shown in your Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ App. NOTE: Your monitor needs to be connected to your home WI-FI network in order to connect to our cloud servers and communicate with the app .

Yes, in the Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ App, in the left side upper corner of the screen, tap septicrx menu picture and choose “Change Password” from the menu. If you have forgotten the password you can reset it from the the signup scree, "Forgot Password".

An android smartphone/tablet or an iPhone/iPad. You need access to the App Store or Google Play Store so that you can download Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ App A WI-FI signal present at your inspection port. If you don't have a WI-FI signal at your inspection port or is too weak we recommend moving your router closer to the inspection port or using a WI-FI extender. You will only need a mobile device to connect the Septic-Field Alert Monitor™.to your WI-FI. Once it is connected, you can use the web interface login in the main menu of our site and make any changes you have to or retrieve historical data.

The amount of Septic-Field Alert Monitors™ on a network is only limited by the available IP address available. The only requirement is that they get an IP Address via DHCP.

Yes, our module is water resistant but it is NOT waterproof, therefore the Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ cannot be totally submerged underwater.

You can power it using any AA alkaline batteries or you can use rechargeable batteries. We would like to note that the modules were thoroughly tested by our engineers, with many kinds of battery brands and the best results, and longest module life was achieved with three AA Duracell batteries. Please note that when using rechargeable batteries or other non branded batteries, we strongly recommend that you check the voltage does not exceed 4.5 volts.

Yes, the Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may create undesirable operation.

Your Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ connects daily to your local WI-FI to send the measurements to our servers. If no additional readings are set by you in the Device Details Schedule, your device will "wake up" at 8:00 AM every day to take a reading and transmit the data. The monitor then waits for confirmation that the readings have been sent, and checks if there are any firmware updates to download, checks battery voltage and WI-FI signal. When readings are confirmed and recorded in our cloud servers, your Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ goes back into deep sleep until next scheduled reading, to conserve battery life.

Yes, you can access your readings via our app or our Web User Interface, link to access the web interface is located on the main menu of our website.

Your historical data is stored on our cloud servers so that you can see your data anywhere that you can access the internet. When you open the app, you will see the most recent data. The app also saves the last 28 readings so that you can visualize and understand patterns and trends in your septic field. If you want to see more than 28 records of data, you can use our App E-Mail feature. You can choose a date range and an E-Mail address where data will be sent to your email. After pressing "Send", the data will arrive shortly in your E-Mail Inbox as a comma delimited text file that can be imported and graphed in any spreadsheet.

Currently we only offer email support. If you have additional questions about our products, please use the contact form below or from the main menu on our website.

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How can I purchase a Septic Field Alarm Monitor™?

Our products are currently only available directly from our website. We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Simply order a Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ online and in the unlikely event that you are not impressed, just contact us to arrange a return and refund.

What measuring units are available with Septic-Field Alert Monitor™?

The Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ App has 2 modes for measuring units. This makes it easy to display measurements in Imperial or Metric units.

How accurate is the Septic Field Alarm Monitor™?

99.75% when used in a straight line measurement, for example +/- 1/16 inch for up to 12ft length.

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