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Before Getting Started

This quick start guide provides basic installation instructions, more detailed instructions can found at the support area. DO NOT attempt  installation unless you fully understand what is involved in installing the Septic-Alert Field Monitor™, referred to as SAM™ throughout this document.  Installation is dependent on having access to a WI-FI network as well as access to the inspection port located in your septic field. If for whatever reason you do not have an inspection port, you will need to have one installed. Basic septic port installation Instructions are available on our website however, we recommend that you can call a local septic service provider or a septic installer.

Verify Package Contents

What's in the box:

  1. SAM™ unit
  2. Float disk
  3. Neodymium magnet to retrieve float disk
  4. 3 X AA batteries, installed in the unit

Please familiarize yourself with the installation procedure prior to proceeding with the installation of the Wireless Septic-Field Alert Monitoring System.

Pre-Installation Instructions and Phone App setup

  1. You will need a tape measure and a channel lock wrench
  2. Download the App at the App Store for iOS or for Android at Google Play.
  3. Create account in the app, and follow the screen prompts for setting your account profile. All the fields must be completed in order to proceed to the next step. All information will be kept private.

1) Add SAM to “My Devices” List  

  1. Open the SAM™ APP
  2. In the upper left corner tap on 
  3. Choose “My Devices
  4. Tap on “Add
  5. Choose the type of system you have from the list
  6. Tap on “Scan Barcode” and scan the barcode displayed on the label of SAM™ (Note: Upper part of the label). If the barcode can’t be scanned, you can type the name displayed under the barcode label directly in the place holder provided.
  7. A popup window will show the name of the module
  8. Tap “Ok” and then “Add
  9. Pop up window will show if the Pairing was successful, tap ”Ok
  10. The next screen will show the “WI-FI Setup” screen. Please read and follow the instructions displayed
  11. Press and hold the “Setup” button until the LED light on top of the unit starts blinking blue, indicating that your SAM™ module is now in Setup mode
  12. Go to the WI-FI settings of your Android or iOS and connect to the network created by the Septic Alert Monitor™ - e.g. SepticAlertMonitor-xxxxxx, choose this Network
  13. Go back to SAM™ APP and tap “Setup
  14. On the next screen tap “Scan” and this time choose your home network from the list, and input your password
  15. Tap on “Show” next to the password field to confirm that you typed the password correctly
  16. Tap “Connect” and then in the pop up window tap “Ok
  17. Tap “Done
  18. If the WI-FI setup was successful, you will see your module’s page that contains a typical cross section of the system you selected in “Step 5” and a graph area
  19. You have now successfully paired up SAM™ with your local WI-FI network
  20. Go to the next section “Installing SAM in the inspection port”

WI-FI Setup


  1. Press and hold the setup button until the LED light on top of the unit starts blinking blue. This indicates that your SAM™ is now in WI-FI Setup Mode.
  2. Go to the WI-FI settings of your Android or iOS device and connect it to the network created by the SAM™ usually network prefix is “SAM™“
  3. Open SAM™ application, from side menu open WI-FI Setup screen.
  4. Click on “Setup
  5. Following screen is displayed "SAM™ to your WI-FI" Scan for visible WI-FI networks. Click on Scan button, and your WI-FI network will be listed.
  6. Select your WI-FI network, enter password for your network, and click on "Connect". When SAM™ module flashes Cyan, it is connect to your WI-FI network.
  7. Tap on “Done” in the app and turn off the unit.

2) Installing SAMin the inspection port

For accurate reading results, make sure you clean the inside of the PVC hub, so SAM™ can be seated in, straight and flat.

  1. Remove the cap from the inspection port.
  2. Use a tape measure to measure from the bottom of the inspection port to the top of the hub. Record this value for calibration procedure.
  3. Drop the round float disk in the inspection port.
  4. Turn on SAM™ and place it in the inspection port hub.
  5. Monitor the LED light and you will see it blinking green as it’s trying to connect to your WI-FI , the then cyan and then turn off. (normal behavior)
  6. Screw the inspection port cap back on after the LED light turned off.

NOTE: The float disk is designed with a metal insert that allows retrieval at a later time, if necessary. Please attach a string that is long enough to reach the float disk to the magnet retrieval tool provided in the packaging. Lower the magnetic   retrieval tool into the inspection port, and pull up gently after you feel that the floater attached to the magnetic retrieval tool. Please wash your hands thoroughly after handling the floater and magnetic retrieval tool.

3) SAMCalibration

  1. In the upper left corner tap on   and choose “My Devices
  2. Tap on “Calibrate
  3. Read the instruction on the calibration screen
  4. Input the value measured previously in the Inspection Port Depth field (step 2 in above, Installing SAM™ in the inspection port), almost instantaneously the “Water Level” field will display a value
  5. Tap on “Save
  6. Calibration Saved Successfully” window will appear
  7. Tap “Ok” and then “Back”, you have successfully completed the calibration procedure

**Please note that the calibration reading may not be part of the set schedule and it may show up as an extra reading in the app.

4) Setting Up Schedule

  1. Tap on  and choose “My Devices
  2. Select your Module from the list and Tap “Details
  3. The detailed view of your module will show up and tap “Schedule
  4. By default SAM™ comes setup to do a reading every day at 8:00 AM. This default reading cannot be changed however, you can choose up to three more additional reading times by taping the corresponding hour. A green tab means the reading hour is active.
  5. After you are satisfied with the schedule selection, scroll down, tap “Save
  6. Tap ”Ok” and then “Back


5) Setting Up Email Alerts

The SAM™ APP features an “Alert” function. This function enables users to setup trigger level alerts for specific water levels and to receive email notifications when the alert levels are triggered. To setup alerts:

  1. Tap on “Alert”, located on the bottom menu
  2. Type an email address where you wish the alert to be sent in the “E-Mail To” field
  3. In the “Water Level Alert Trigger” tap and chose the water level value for when the alert should be triggered
  4. Tap “Add” and then “Ok
  5. You will notice that the alert was added to your list
  6. You can add multiple email addresses and water level trigger alerts by repeating steps 1 thru 5 from above

6) Setting Up E-mail Data to Be Sent to You

The SAM™ App features an “E-Mail” function that enables users to receive via email the history of the readings for a Specific Date Range.

  1. Tap ”E-Mail”, located on the bottom menu
  2. Select the beginning and the end of the period of which you wish to preview reading history
  3. Type an email address where you wish the reading data to be sent in the “E-Mail To” filed.
  4. Tap “Send” and then “Ok
  5. Check your E-mail and look for an email titled “Septic Alert Monitor - Data Log” (if the email goes to your spam folder, you might need to add “This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.” to the safe sender list.

NOTE: The history of the readings can be found in the attachment, is in a spreadsheet format. For more in information please visit the  support area

7) Battery Replacement

Turn off the module. Please make sure the polarity is correct when replacing the batteries. DO NOT touch any other screws on the module except the ones on the battery cover. Please make sure the gasket is intact and tighten the screws without using excessive force. After replacing batteries, place the device in the inspection port hub and turn it on. Then put the inspection port cap back on. The unit will connect to the WI-FI and perform a calibration reading and the LED will turn off. This is normal operating behavior.

8) LED Blinking Codes

The LED located on top of SAM™ displays different status codes and alert errors. It can be many different colors and flash patterns. For more details please visit the support area

Blinking green:  connecting to WI-FI.

Blinking magenta (red and blue at the same time): loading an app or updating its firmware.

Blinking cyan rapidly: connecting to the cloud.

SAM LED NOT Blinking: Solid colors are not a good sign. In all cases, solid colors are the side effect of a failure. Try   turning off and back on. Factory reset is not available and not needed on the SAM™ module. Contact us and we can     evaluate if there are upgrades that can be done remotely. If not, we will issue an RMA and have the unit sent to us for repair, www.septicrx.com/support. If under the warranty period, there will be no charge for the repair or shipping. If warranty expired and the unit cannot be repaired you will be responsible for the cost of repair and shipping.

9) Initial Troubleshooting

SAM not connecting to the mobile device app: WI-FI needs to be present and SAM™ needs to be in Listening Mode in  order to begin connecting with the Mobile App. To put SAM™ in Listening Mode, hold the “Setup” button until the RGB LED begins blinking blue, then release setup button.

WI-FI Strength: The signal strength is the wireless signal power level received by the wireless client. Strong signal strength results in more reliable connections and higher speeds.

Signal Quality: A value ranging from 0 to 100, which considers along with signal strength, the noise generated by interference sources. A network can be connected to with a very good signal strength, but at a not so good quality.

To Erase Stored Networks: To erase the stored WI-FI networks stored in SAM™, hold the “Setup” button until it blinks dark blue, then continue to hold it down for about another ten seconds longer, until the RGB LED blinks blue rapidly, then release.

Please check WI-FI and/or batteries if you notice any readings in red either in the water level chart or in the table.

If you still have problems connecting to your WI-FI or need more in depth troubleshooting information, please visit our website support area

Limited One Year Warranty

All Septic RX® branded products are guaranteed by a one year warranty from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship. CoreTech Inova™ LLC will replace or repair (at our discretion) without cost to our customers , any products manufactured by CoreTech Inova™ LLC and found to be  defective as a result of defective material or workmanship.

This Limited Warranty is transferable from the original purchaser to subsequent owners, but the Warranty Period will not be extended in duration or expand in coverage. We will however, not repair any product which was not properly installed, abused, negligence or subject to any use other than which was originally intended. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the products, which is expected over the course of the ownership.

This Limited Warranty does not protect against, any liability for losses related to any of the following are hereby  expressly excluded; acts of God such as flood, lightning, earthquake, war, vandalism, theft, and does not protect against losses due to normal use, wear and tear, erosion, depletion, obsolescence, abuse,   damage due to low batteries, non-authorized software changes. Inadequate connectivity of the Septic RX® branded products to WI-FI networks or otherwise, WI-FI throughput below required levels, or system equipment modification.

Full warranty and policy details are available at the warranty page


A CoreTech Inova™ LLC Brand and Product - © Copyright 2020 - REV 04.04.V2



How can I purchase a Septic Field Alarm Monitor™?

Our products are currently only available directly from our website. We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Simply order a Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ online and in the unlikely event that you are not impressed, just contact us to arrange a return and refund.

What measuring units are available with Septic-Field Alert Monitor™?

The Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ App has 2 modes for measuring units. This makes it easy to display measurements in Imperial or Metric units.

How accurate is the Septic Field Alarm Monitor™?

99.75% when used in a straight line measurement, for example +/- 1/16 inch for up to 12ft length.

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