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With remote monitoring and real-time data through the "SAM" app, our PATENTED septic field monitoring device will alert you of high water table conditions and possible field failure.


Statistically, almost one out of every three septic systems are in some kind of "technical state" of failure. Although that dosen't sound too optimistic, it is a fact that could be financially devastating.

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The average life span of a typical trench type drain field is about 25 - 30 years. Typically, mound systems and bed type drain fields don’t last as long as trench systems.

A System Designed to Detect and Protect.

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The Device

Runs daily tests to ensure your septic filed is working as designed and efficiently. Continuously checks for high water condition and potential vulnerability in your septic field. Automatically alerts you in the event of a septic field high water condition and potentially prevent a catastrophic failure.

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The App

Sends alerts to your phone in real-time if a high water condition is detected in the septic field. This early warning allows the homeowners to monitor daily wastewater usage and to determine if the warning is due to high water table condition or posible early warning of a septic field failure.

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The Support

When SAM by Sepric RX detects a high watter condition and you’re not sure what to do, our solutions team is here to help you figure it out. We will help you determine if the issue you are having is the begining of a posible field failure or just a high water table and the alert is a false positive alert.

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The Solutions

Do you worry about when your septic system is going to fail? Get more peace of mind and monitoring, and more.






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Septic System Information

  • How to eliminate common septic system problems.

    Eliminate common septic system problems.

    Minimize the amount of water going into your septic system by spreading out clothes washing over a number of days, rather than doing all the family laundry on one day.

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  • How to eliminate common septic system problems.

    Septic System Do's and Don't

    What you put into your septic system greatly affects its ability to function properly. You need to keep in mind, your septic system contains living organisms that digest and treat thje efluent waste.

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  • Septic System Maintenance Tips

    Septic System Maintenance Tips

    Homeowners and residents have a great effect on septic system performance. Using more water than the system was designed to handle can cause a failure. Also disposal of chemical or excess organic matter, such as that from a garbage disposal, can destroy a septic system. The following maintenance tips can help your system provide long-term, effective treatment of household waste.

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