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Battery Replacement

Septic-Field Alert Monitor Battery Replacement


Septic-Field Alert Monitor Recycle Batteries Please 


Battery life is dependent on how many readings the unit takes each day and also by the strength of the WI-FI signal. Under normal operating conditions the unit turns on, connects to your WI-FI, takes a reading, and transmits the data to the cloud in less than 60 seconds. Having a poor WI-FI signal increases the time it takes to connect, perform the reading and data transmit cycle. In another words, a poor WI-FI signal could decrease battery life significantly.

Once the batteries need to be replaced, the phone app will alert you with a low battery pop up screen. Before replacing the batteries, please make sure you turn off the device. Please replace the batteries with Duracell batteries or equivalent. We have done extensive testing with Duracell    batteries and we have found them to be the most reliable and last longer than other alkaline batteries but other alkaline     batteries will work as well.

Please make sure the polarity is correct when replacing the batteries. DO NOT touch any other screws on the module except the ones on the battery cover.

After replacing batteries, place the device in the inspection port hub and turn it on. Then put the inspection port cap back on. The unit will connect to the WI-FI and perform a calibration  reading and the LED will turn off. This is normal operating behavior. **Please note that the calibration reading may not be part of the set schedule and it may show up as an extra reading in the app




How can I purchase a Septic Field Alarm Monitor™?

Our products are currently only available directly from our website. We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Simply order a Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ online and in the unlikely event that you are not impressed, just contact us to arrange a return and refund.

What measuring units are available with Septic-Field Alert Monitor™?

The Septic-Field Alert Monitor™ App has 2 modes for measuring units. This makes it easy to display measurements in Imperial or Metric units.

How accurate is the Septic Field Alarm Monitor™?

99.75% when used in a straight line measurement, for example +/- 1/16 inch for up to 12ft length.

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