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Septic Systems are used where a sewer main is not available and if you have one you should be aware of how it works, what type it is and where the septic tank, distribution box, and drain field is located.

Septic System Types

A septic system takes raw effluent from a home and distributes it over a drain-field so that it can be cleansed by the natural processes in the soil. We will briefly explain 6 different types of septic systems.

  1. Gravity; Gravity systems use gravity to move the effluent through the tank into the drain-field. These work best where there is a good depth of soil.
  2. Pressure; Pressure distribution systems make better use of the whole drain-field by ensuring an even distribution.
  3. Mound; Mound systems have the drain-field built above ground level to ensure there is a sufficient depth of soil for effective filtration.
  4. Sand Filter; Sand filter systems use a bed of sand to filter the effluent and a pump to disburse the effluent more effectively. These systems are for use where there is not enough depth of soil for effective treatment of the effluent.
  5. Aerobic; Aerobic treatment units use oxygen to break the effluent down, to produce a cleaner waste. These systems are used in areas where there are environmental issues to contend with.
  6. Closed; Closed septic tanks are systems that deliver the effluent into a septic tank that has to be emptied at regular intervals for the effluent to be treated elsewhere.

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